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What Is The ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon Procedure?

what is duo balloonThere are many new ways and techniques these days to lose weight and help fight obesity. All such procedures are complicated in their own way and propose different kinds of risks. The latest in bariatric surgery – surgery that is performed in obese people to rid them of their extra weight – is the technique referred to as the Gastric Balloon. This is NOT a SURGERY though!

Basically, the stomach is a muscular organ meaning it can adapt easily from one condition to another. You may have often heard that by eating less, your appetite can decrease over time and this is due to the elastic and adaptable nature of the stomach. In obesity however, a bigger measure needs to be taken in order to bring about weight loss. The ReShape dual balloon is basically a very safe way to reduce the size of the stomach. This is done by inserting deflated balloons in the stomach and then filling it or increasing its size to reduce the space of the stomach. ReShape is designed in such a way that it mirrors the natural curvature of the stomach, making it easier for the stomach to adjust. This method has been known to cause a significant decrease in the Body Mass Index (BMI) in less half a year. It can also be used as a preemptive measure to reduce the size of the stomach in order to stabilize the individual for another surgery.

Minimally Invasive & Reversible

  • The ReShape dual balloons that are inserted in the stomach are done through a minimally invasive procedure and the procedure itself is reversible. It is inserted through the mouth using endoscopy, making it incision free. Later then, the balloons are filled with saline, increasing their volume and space and therefore, decreasing the volume of the usable space in the stomach. The balloon becomes too big to pass in to the intestines and hence just floats around in the stomach. Also, the duo balloon technology does not allow such big contraptions to pass through the intestines. The composition of each balloon is a soft, expandable material that can function well inside the acidic environment of the stomach. The balloon itself then becomes part of an entire kit that is used as a non-pharmaceutical method and then is used in conjunction with a controlled and healthy diet in order to achieve weight loss.

Each balloon is made of silicone and is filled with sterile saline. The method through which the balloon is inserted is known as endoscopy, which is inserting a long, flexible tube in to your mouth down all the way to your stomach. The tube has a light and a camera at the end of it so it helps navigate itself through the body cavity. The method itself is non-surgical and reversible, and is only done for 6 months before significant improvement is noticed.