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Preparing For The ReShape Dual Balloon Procedure

Most weight loss techniques are focused on one aspect or the other; there is rarely a very holistic approach towards losing weight. While placing a ReShape Dual Balloon in your stomach works by occupying space in the stomach and reducing appetite, the whole program also involves guidance and exercise plans that will help you reach your goals. This weight loss method focuses on a various factors instead of just one and helps you keep the weight off. Step one of ReShape is to place the balloon in your stomach and then use a combination of diet and exercise that is specific to you and help you attain the best results.

Initially, when you get the balloon placement you will be expected to drink lots of fluids and keep yourself constantly hydrated as your stomach adjusts to it. Later you move on to soft foods and finally, you adopt a weight loss diet. It is important that you understand how important commitment is to this program and how major lifestyle changes go in to preparing for such an event. In terms of diet, you will have increase the amount of protein intake you have in a day. Your meals should also include a variety of food groups, although less carbohydrates and more protein based portions like meat, fish, poultry, etc. You will also be expected to change some of your eating patterns. What happens is that when we are eating regularly, we often forget to chew the food and end up eating in a hurry thus eating more than is required as the brain registers your hunger satiation a bit later, and you tend to gain weight. To avoid this, you will consciously have to make an effort to eat slowly and chew a lot. One way to eat smaller portions is to serve food in dishes that can only hold small portions so this way even if you finish an entire small bowl, you will be eating less.

Instead of sautéing or frying your vegetables, a good way to eat them is to steam or boil them and cook them really well. You can then season your vegetables if they are too bland. If you are eating vegetables raw, make sure you cut them in to small pieces because the smaller the piece, the greater the surface area and the faster the digestion and metabolism. A speedy metabolism is plus to aiding weight loss. You may have probably heard this from a lot of sources, but the reason that your dinner should be very light is because your metabolism will slow down at night. So in addition to your dinner being light, you should also stop eating a few hours before going to bed. Also with the placement of the balloons, what could happen is that going to bed too soon after eating could cause nausea and acid reflux because of the up and down movement of the balloons.

Sticking to the program is vital.  Commitment is necessary to succeed in this program and we will help you stay focused. Your team will also be scheduling some follow up meetings and you should attend them in order to track your progress and see results faster. What is also important to understand is that these dietary changes should be made part of your lifestyle in order to stay on the right track. Losing weight is a long term goal and thus changes need to be made in order to sustain this weight loss.