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Living With A ReShape Dual Balloon

happyFor every individual, the journey of their weight loss will be different. Despite their many apprehensions over getting “weight loss procedure”, it is our duty to fully inform them of any consequences. This is why if you are getting the ReShape Dual Balloon, you should consider yourself lucky since it is practically risk-free and has a great prognosis. Once you have gotten the placement, you should also realize fully that life will be a bit different. Immediately, you might feel a bit of discomfort including nausea and vomiting. You will also feel a feeling of fullness before and after every meal which essentially helps in reducing your appetite and aiding weight loss. ReShape is FDA approved so you can be sure of there being zero risks.

Eating With A Gastric Balloon

  • In terms of diet, you will talk with our dietitian who will give you a diet that you need to follow. Initially, you will be asked to increase your intake of water. You initial diet will include fluids like milk, thin soups and fruit juices no more than a 1000 calories. Solid food, fizzy drinks, ice cream and chocolates are to be avoided during this time. After a few days, you will be introduced to semi solid food like porridge and thicker soups. You diet shall not exceed a prescribed amount of calories and you will not be allowed to eat at night after a particular time. After a week you will meet with your nutritionist again and he/she will then give you a proper meal plan which will include solid food that is low fat and high in protein intake.

Active Lifestyle

  • Keeping in view the eating factor, you should realize that this kind of weight loss is a holistic approach meaning your activity levels will have to increase. During the first week, you will not be able to do any proper exercise or indulge in your former work outs, but after you start taking proper solid food you will be allowed to indulge in the same activities. In fact we encourage you to try newer physical activities and will even plan a customized work out for you. This will include some heavy exercise that will balance your calorie intake in order for you to lose weight. If you shy away from working out, remember that our program gives your work out plans that are actually a lot of fun and do not just involve you sweating it out in the gym.Our team and group activities are encouraged in order to keep you sufficiently motivated. In these six months, your life will take a new turn for the better. You will be eating healthy and working out; lifestyle changes that will stay with you long after the balloon is removed in order to ensure that the weight loss is not temporary, but sustained.

What About Complications?

  • Finally, the complications that are involved in living with the ReShape Dual Balloon; since it is FDA approved, rest assured that there will be no major risks or complications involved. It is absolutely safe. However, since all of our bodies react differently to different situations because of our ever different compositions, there are some reactions that can be expected. Some of you might experience nausea or vomiting. Some people might develop an acid reflux for a longer time period than is expected. There might be stomach cramps or very minor bleeding. Abdominal and/or back pain is to be expected and also a feeling of heaviness that will go away in a few days. Rest assured that all these ailments can easily be corrected by talking with us. There is also a great chance that you will not experience any of these symptoms. In case of one of the balloons burst, rupture or deflate, you should not worry. There is a very, very low chance of this happening and the balloons are designed in a way that even if it does happen, it will be expelled naturally through your bowels. The indicator will be if your urine is tinted blue-green; this is when you should see your doctor immediately. Since ReShape technology allows two balloon placement, there is practically no chance of this happening and in the case of this happening, no chance of any real danger.

All in all, these six months of your life will include you making drastic changes but only to feel better and look better. These changes will prompt you and encourage you to lead a better lifestyle that feels healthier.  Even after the six months and removal of the balloons, you will be monitored for another six months to track your progress and provide further motivation. We will help you realize your weight loss goals and even achieve them, ensuring a long term weight loss program.