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Is The ReShape Dual Balloon The Correct Choice?

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Is It Right For You?

Taking the step towards deciding whether or not weight loss surgery is your only option is a big struggle. Many will have warned you of the adverse effects of weight loss surgery and even more will push you towards challenging diets and regimens that are help in no way. Altering your body is a big deal and we treat it as such.  But since medical science has already shown so much advancement, there are some new methods which are minimally invasive and ensure weight loss. One such new method is the ReShape Dual Balloon method. This is NOT SURGERY and there is a set criteria for getting a gastric balloon.

What Is Your BMI?

  • This criterion includes your Body Mass Index; if your BMI is between 30 and 40 and you considered obese, you are eligible to receive the gastric balloon treatment. Your BMI is calculated by your height and your weight. To understand this, you must also understand the concept behind calculating one’s BMI. While the BMI figure does not necessarily act as a diagnostic tool, it basically gives your doctor an idea of whether or not you are at risk for cardiovascular, that are heart related, diseases and type 2 diabetes. Other risk factors due to a high BMI are high blood pressure, types of cancers and breathing issues. It is also important to understand how your fat distribution works; if your fat is mostly in the area of waist and belly, only then are you at risk for all these diseases. Fat around buttocks and thighs is not as dangerous. So for you to be eligible for the gastric balloon treatment, your BMI calculations alongside other health factors are taken to judge your eligibility or ineligibility.

Other Eligibility Factors

  • Then there are also some factors that prevent you from receiving this treatment. If you have any serious medical conditions,we may not be able to do this procedure. These conditions can include anything from stomach irritation to stomach ulcers and pregnancy. If you do not meet the BMI criteria and are not bordering on obesity then again, you are not eligible to receive this treatment.

What you do need to know is that this treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical. So it might just be the right fit for your situation. Also it is a great option for you if you do not meet the criteria for surgical weight loss options, even though it is slower than surgical weight loss. So a lot of times, a weight loss balloon is considered for people who are too overweight to undergo regular surgery and need to lose some weight in order to be eligible for surgery. This is also the treatment for you if you are looking towards adopting a healthier lifestyle and making some changes to your current lifestyle. It is also a great way to minimize your hunger so that you end up consuming less food.

It is easily reversible and poses no serious threats to people looking forward to receiving it. Furthermore, ReShape Dual Balloon is FDA approved.