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How Does The ReShape Dual Balloon Work?

If you are planning to get the ReShape procedure and you are not sure of how it really works, then don’t worry at all as we are here to explain every detail of the procedure to you. As you already must know, the gastric balloon is made of a soft, pliable silicone elastomer material that…

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Living With A ReShape Dual Balloon

For every individual, the journey of their weight loss will be different. Despite their many apprehensions over getting “weight loss procedure”, it is our duty to fully inform them of any consequences. This is why if you are getting the ReShape Dual Balloon, you should consider yourself lucky since it is practically risk-free and has…

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Preparing For The ReShape Dual Balloon Procedure

Most weight loss techniques are focused on one aspect or the other; there is rarely a very holistic approach towards losing weight. While placing a ReShape Dual Balloon in your stomach works by occupying space in the stomach and reducing appetite, the whole program also involves guidance and exercise plans that will help you reach…

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Removal of ReShape Dual Balloons

If you have followed your six month long plan, it is time for you to move to the final stage of the ReShape Dual Balloon journey. What we basically mean is that it is time for you schedule an appointment to have your balloons removed. Due to safety and health risk purposes, even though the…

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Is The ReShape Dual Balloon The Correct Choice?

Taking the step towards deciding whether or not weight loss surgery is your only option is a big struggle. Many will have warned you of the adverse effects of weight loss surgery and even more will push you towards challenging diets and regimens that are help in no way. Altering your body is a big…

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What Is The ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon Procedure?

There are many new ways and techniques these days to lose weight and help fight obesity. All such procedures are complicated in their own way and propose different kinds of risks. The latest in bariatric surgery – surgery that is performed in obese people to rid them of their extra weight – is the technique…

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